Thanks for Stopping by Hogie House.

In the summer of 1960, George Raizk gave the Hoagie sandwich a home in Tucson, AZ. In addition to Philly favorites such as the Italian Hogie and the Cheese Steak & Onion, George added the Carmichael, 1/2 Moon Burger, and the Sack o’ Steak.

Yes we know how to spell, LOL. If you were curious why we spell hogie without the “a” its because way back in the day when the sign guy made our sign he messed up and forgot the “a” so George being the nice guy that he was just decided to stick with it. Over the years George treated everyone with the utmost respect. He cared a lot for Tucson, his customers and employees. We will dearly miss him. His family still runs the business today and sticks to what George created.

At Hogie House we still do everything ourselves. We slice all our meats and cheese, bulk and cut onions, slice tomatoes, pluck peppers, you name it, we do it every day. We strive to deliver the freshest ingredients on a daily basis. At the Hogie House we keep it old school. We also purchase local and keep the Tucson economy flowing. Come by and visit us sometime!